Black Infinity issue #6 is now out and available for purchase under $10. This one is especially exciting for me because I make two appearances in it. There’s a new installment of my retro-movie review column Matt Cowan’s Threat Watch – this one focusing on films involving insects or spiders or other such scuttling things, AND I have a short story published in it as well in “The Collective of Blaque Reach”. To top it all off,my story appears in the same table of contents as my favorite writer Ramsey Campbell (with “Drawing In”) which has long been a goal of mine), as well as the grandmaster of the ghost story, M.R. James (with “The Ash Tree”), and my great friend Tom English (“A Handful of Dust”). I couldn’t be more thrilled.

This issue is stuffed to bursting with material! It starts off with editor Tom English’s excellent examination of creepy-crawlies that have been featured in various forms of media through the years. It also contains 17 short stories from both vintage and modern authors, a novella, two drabbles, a special feature about the original Outer Limits television series, a vintage comic book story, two columns and lots of artwork and stills. That’s a ton of material for under $10!

Below are some pictures from the interior:



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