Finding myself in the mood for a horror movie tonight, I decided to watch AS ABOVE, SO BELOW. It’s about a young archeologist named Scarlett, who’s uncovered the location of the legendary The Philosopher’s Stone, which was said to have magical properties. To reach the stone’s location, Scarlett assembles a team to travel into the catacombs beneath France. The catacombs stretch for more than 200 miles and are filled with the bones of countless skeletons. As the group travels, each member encounters things that shouldn’t be there from their past, an old piano, deceased loved ones, etc. Forced to descend ever deeper beneath the city, it appears they’ve pass through the gates of Hell.

There’s too much annoying shaky-cam going on, and it isn’t the most original film, but I enjoyed the setting, and it had some effectively creepy scenes of the things inhabiting the lower regions of the catacombs. It’s worth a watch if you can get it on the cheap.


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