I listen to a lot of podcasts – several of them regularly provide readings of excellent horror stories. Periodically, I like to post links to some of my favorite episodes. Each of the stories listed below are free, professionally produced, and are ones I particularly loved.

1. “Dream House” by Orrin Grey (2016) – Read on the Pseudopod Podcast – The story’s narrator’s search for the lost episodes of an obscure horror-oriented television series from the past, as well as the location of the real life spooky house where it was filmed, leads him down an unexpected path. This is an outstanding tale, filled with references to classic movies and television series such as In the Mouth of Madness and Rod Serling’s The Night Gallery. You can listen to this story read by the author himself on Pseudopod #703:

2. “The Darkness Between Dead Stars” by Todd Keisling (2017)Read on The Tales To Terrify Podcast – This tale is read as an account regarding what happened to a man chosen to take a solo trip to Mars aboard a revolutionary space ship. Deep into his journey he begins to hear knockings on the hull from something outside the ship. This is a wonderfully creepy tale with a superb ending. It was featured on episode #356 of the Tales To Terrify podcast ( )

3. “The Bleeding Maze: A Visitor’s Guide” by Kurt Fawver (2019) – Read on the Nightmare Magazine Podcast – An ever-expanding, indescribable maze grows in different areas of the planet. Parents send their children through it as a coming-of-age ritual. Each person has a different, life-altering experience inside it as they try to find their way out. Many of the things people report encountering inside it are strange and otherworldly. This tale of an unstoppable, alter-dimensional maze is magnificently bizarre. I loved it! It was read on the Nightmare Magazine podcast:

4. “Teacups” by Thom Burgess (2020) – Read on the From the Great Library of Dreams Podcast – A real estate man riding his bicycle past a retirement home waves at the elderly woman in the upper window who smiles and motions to him to come up and have tea with her, but there’s more at play here than he initially suspects in this creepy ghost story. You can listen to a reading of this story on the From The Great Library of Dreams podcast #8—Teacups-by-Thom-Burgess-ed88js

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Article by Matt Cowan


  1. Hi Matt! Hope you are doing well. The longer the lock down has lasted the more and more I am going for long walks, and the more long walks, the more audiobooks and podcasts I’m listening to, so thanks for these suggestions/summaries!

    1. Hi Jay! Glad I can help. Each of those podcasts I listed are top notch and have a huge back catalog of episodes available. Tales To Terrify even read one of my stories back in episode #90.

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