My last trip to Half-Price Books produced this decent haul:


1. HELLBLAZER: ORIGINAL SINS Graphic Novel: I enjoyed the short-lived TV series, so I wanted to give the comic a try.
2. HELL BOARD by Dana Reed: I bought this one based on the cool cover art. I’ve never read anything by Dana Reed before, but Ouija Boards are always fodder for creepiness in horror fiction.
3. STRANGE MAGIC by Gord Rollo: Cool cover art and the description on the back about an old magician’s theatrical trunk sounded intriguing enough to give it a try.
4. ALFRED HITCHCOCK’S GHOSTLY GALLERY: I picked up this one despite the fact I already own a different version of it. As a kid, there were certain books I checked out from the school library over and over again – THE THREE INVESTIGATOR books, AFRED HITCHCOCK’S HAUNTED HOUSEFULS and GHOSTLY GALLERY being the most prominent. This pocket-sized copy of GHOSTLY GALLERY appears to be a British reprint of the larger, American hardback original I loved so much. This one also contains different (although inferior) artwork for each story. I couldn’t pass it up for the $1 asking price.


1. “The Waxwork” by A.M. Burrage

2. “Miss Emmeline Takes Off” by Walter Brooks

3. “The Valley of The Beasts” by Algernon Blackwood

4. “The Haunted Trailer” by Robert Arthur

5. “The Upper Berth” by F. Marion Crawford

6. “The Wonderful Day” by Robert Arthur

7. “The Truth About Pyecraft” by H.G. Wells

8. “Housing Problem” by Henry Kuttner

9. “In A Dim Room” by Lord Dunsany

10. “Obstinate Uncle Otis” by Robert Arthur

11. “The Isle of Voices” by Robert Louis Stevenson


Original version cover art.

Article by Matt Cowan

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