Somewhere south of the city walls, the thunderous, keening screech continued to split the night air, sounding neither of man nor beast but rather some twisted amalgamation of the two. Battalions of young men clad in shinning unblemished suits of armor trailed behind the racing footfalls of their elders, whose scared and dented adornments had long ago lost their gleam. Tiny flames burst alight throughout the city’s tangled streets in preparation against whatever blighted abomination might emerge to challenge them from the darkening skies above.

Towering catapults and heavy ballistas were pulled into position and cranked to readiness as scores of archers notched their longbows with arrows, but forces as dark as they were about to face are never put down by any number of infantry or calvary. No, the type of evil charging toward them on its enormous featherless wings could only be quelled by heroes.

The time is nearly upon us again! This February brings Sword and Sorcery Month back to Horror Delve. Check in often so you don’t miss any of the excitement and adventure!


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