The poll for your favorite COBRA agent is now closed. Nine different candidates received votes but there can only be one winner. In this case, Destro edged out Storm Shadow and Zartan to take the prize.

A few brief thoughts about the top three vote getters:

DESTRO: He was always my personal favorite ever since I picked up his action figure as a child. To me he had the coolest look and came off as the most level headed of the evil organization in both the comics and the cartoon series. He was shown to be romantically involved with The Baroness and had some kind of tentacled Lovecraftian entity living in the well of his family estate. What more could you ask for?

STORM SHADOW: The closest thing to an equal for the Joe’s greatest soldier, Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow was lethal without need of guns. A master assassin capable of taking down multiple, fully-armed Joes by himself makes him one of the deadliest COBRA operatives.

ZARTAN: He hales from swamplands, is a master of disguise who can pass himself off as anyone and has a vicious biker gang called Dreadnoks backing him up. Like Storm Shadow, Zartan could wreck havoc on his enemies by using stealth and subterfuge. Also, The skin of his action figure could change colors in sunlight, which was pretty cool.



Article by Matt Cowan

2 thoughts on “DESTRO WINS!

  1. I’m a little surprised Cobra Commander wasn’t in the top three, but Destro, Zartan, and Storm Shadow are all solid picks.

    1. If people voted based on the cartoon series, I can see it. I think my original favorite was Zartan, mostly because he was the first figure I bought for myself.

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