The results of Horror Delve’s Scariest Haunted House Short Story Poll are in. Several classic authors received votes, including greats such as Algernon Blackwood, M.R. James, H.R. Wakefield, Edith Wharton, E.F. Benson and A.M. Barrage to name a few, but ultimately it came down to two, “Thurnely Abbey” by Perceval Landon and “Again” by Ramsey Campbell. In the end, Ramsey Campbell’s “Again” took the top prize. This tale about a man who stumbles upon a remote house while hiking who makes the mistake of entering it to assist the old woman hovering around outside becomes truly unsettling after he discovers the disturbing things contained within. You can listen to a free audio recording of it on episode #550 of the excellent Pseudopod podcast. Congratulations to Ramsey Campbell!

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