Who’s The Scariest, Obscure Marvel Comic Book Villain?

For this poll, I’m looking for the scariest, horror-themed, obscure Marvel super villain. I know Galactus and Thanos would certainly be terrifying to encounter, but I’m looking for ones who fit solidly in a horror setting by either their look, origin or power. I’ve also left out the very well known villains such as Dracula, The Green Goblin, Carnage and Venom. I’ve listed several I could think of but can update any suggestions posted in the comments provided they fit the criteria. You can vote for as many of the villains as you like.

If you’re interested in reading about more Marvel horror, you can check out my Top Seven Haunted Houses in The Marvel Universe Plus One DC article here: https://horrordelve.com/2014/11/11/the-top-seven-haunted-houses-in-the-marvel-universe-plus-one-dc-by-matt-cowan/

6 thoughts on “Who’s The Scariest, Obscure Marvel Comic Book Villain?

  1. Hybrid, the Dire-Wraith/half-Human menace from ROM-hideous appearance in its natural form, utterly evil, and used its’ psychic powers to kill victims in grisly ways.

  2. Wow. Carrion and the Demogoblin brought me back to a time in Amazing Spider-Man I’d rather forget, LOL. The 90’s was not a pretty time for Spidey. I picked Wendigo but I could have gone other ways. I really want to see how this poll comes out.

      1. At one point Carrion, the Demogoblin, Vermin (I think), Carnage, and the monsters doppelganger Spider-Man from Infinity Wars teamed up in a very dark and evil storyline that I hated. It was a very atypical time in that comics history.

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