While on vacation in Cincinnati with my lovely wife, I visited a large, used book warehouse called The Friends of the Library where I found several interesting books to bring back home. 

  1. ECHOES OF TERROR by Mike Jarvis and John Spencer (Chartwell Books, 1980) – This oversized, hardback anthology collects eleven classic horror stories by the likes of Dickens, Poe, Stoker, Jacobs, and others. It also contains some excellent, full page artwork by a variety of artists as well. I didn’t hesitate to snatch this one up. 
  2. HAUNTED HOUSES: THE GREATEST STORIES edited by Martin H. Greenberg (MJF Books, 1994) – Another hardback, this one regulation size, containing sixteen stories which focus on my favorite sub-genre of horror – the haunted house tale! It contains stories by Lovecraft, Bloch, Aickman, Charles L. Grant, Ruth Rendell, William F. Nolan and more. If you put out an anthology full of haunted house stories it’s likely I’ll end up buying it.
  3. THE BEST OF HENRY KUTTNER (Ballantine Books, 1975) – This hardback collects 17 science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories by the late Henry Kuttner. Henry was a prolific writer during his day, but thus far I’ve only read a couple of his stories. I’m primarily just interested in his horror tales but may give a couple of the others a shot too.
  4. THE SMALL HAND and DOLLY by Susan Hill (Vintage Books/Random House, 2012) – Two short novels by Susan Hill (author of The Woman in Black and The Man in the Picture). Susan knows how put together a good ghost story, so I’m expecting to enjoy these. 
  5. TRUST NO ONE edited by Jonathan Mayberry and Justin Eisinger (IDW Publishing, 2015) – Fifteen short stories that return us to the world originally introduced in the X-Files television series. The X-Files is my all-time favorite  TV show. I’ve watched every episode of every season, have read three tie-in novels and several comic issues featuring them. I’m always up for more Mulder and Scully!

Article by Matt Cowan


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