I recently had the honor of appearing on the Staff Picks podcast with the great Mario Lanza. On each episode of Staff Picks, Mario brings on a guest to discuss underappreciated films with someone who loves them. Previous episodes have featured movies such as A Knight’s Tale, The Tourist Trap, The Village, Unfriended and Clash of the Titans to name a few. The one I’m on is for the superb haunted house movie The Changeling from 1980. This marks my podcast debut. I’ve had a couple of my short stories read on podcasts by other people before (“Here He Comes A Wandering” on Pod of Horror #58 and “The Collective of Blaque Reach” on Tales To Terrify episode #90), but this is the first time my own voice has been heard on one. 

Over the course of the podcast, Mario and I talked about the plot and nuances of film, gave an explaination for the strange object which appeared during the seance scene, mentioned other horror films we’ve enjoyed, and I was able to bring up some of the classic authors and stories which have been featured here at Horror Delve over the years. 

Here’s the link if you’d like to listen: 

Article by Matt Cowan

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