I asked for and received several new books for my birthday in late November and Christmas. Most of these will likely be featured in some manner this year. Some of them will get full reviews, others will offer up a story or two to an article. Below I’ll list them along with a few brief initial thoughts.

  1. The Valancourt Book of Horror Stories Volume 3 edited by James D. Jenkins and Ryan Cagle: It contains stories by R. Chetwynd-Hayes, L. P. Hartley, Charles Beaumont and Steve Rasnic Tem among others, which helped spur my interest.
  2. Pauper’s Grave by James Everington: I read some glowing reviews about this novella on social media which really peaked my interest, and I know Everington to be an excellent writer.
  3. Darker Companions Anthology Edited by Scott David Aniolowski and Joseph S. Pulver Sr.: All the stories in this anthology were written as a tribute to my favorite writer, Ramsey Campbell. It’s table of contents boasts tales from Alison Littlewood, Gary McMahon, Matthew M. Bartlett, Thana Niveau, Jeffrey Thomas and Adam Nevill to name a few.
  4. The Way of the Worm by Ramsey Campbell: I’ll definitely be reading this one soon. It’s the third and final book in Campbell’s Brichester Mythos trilogy. I loved the first two and am excited to see how it all ends. There will definitely be a review of this one here at Horror Delve.
  5. By the Light of My Skull by Ramsey Campbell: This collection holds fifteen more recent short stories by Ramsey Campbell. I’d already read six of them before receiving the book and enjoyed them all. “At Lorn Hall” is a masterpiece in my opinion. “Reading the Signs” and “The Wrong Game” are both top notch tales as well. I’m excited to explore the ones I haven’t read yet.
  6. The Valancourt Book of Victorian Ghost Stories Volume 3 edited by Simon Stern: I’m always on the lookout for more sources of Christmas horror tales for my annual holiday suggested reading list.
  7. Cold Hand In Mine by Robert Aickman: A Robert Aickman-focused article is forthcoming sometime this year, so this collection of eight tales by him should come in handy.
  8. The Dead Sheriff Volume 2 Cannibals & Bloodsuckers by Mark Justice and Ron Fortier: Mark Justice was working on this sequel to his first Dead Sheriff novel, which I really loved, before his death. His friend Ron Fortier of Airship 27 Productions completed and published it. This is also one that will receive a full review here at some point this year.
  9. The Secret Of Ventriloquism by Jon Padgett: I’ve heard Jon’s stories “20 Simple Steps to Ventriloquism” and “Escape To Thin Mountain” on episodes of the Pseudopod Podcast in the past and thought they were tremendous. Now, I can enjoy some more of them. 
  10. Octoberland by Thana Niveau: I’ve been working on a Thana Niveau-centric article to post sometime this year, which this hefty collection should help contribute to.  
  11. Terror Tales of the Lake District edited by Paul Finch: I did a full review of Terror Tales of The Seaside ( this past year and have since purchased one set in Cornwall as well. They are always great fun. 

One more thing I got but couldn’t fit into the picture was the Darkhold: Pages From The Book Of Suns Complete Collection from Marvel Comics. I’m not sure if it’ll get a full review or not but what I’ve read of it so far has been pretty fun. It’s sort of a Marvel Comic’s take on the Necronomicon. 

Stay tuned to this site for a while new year of horrific fun!

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