BLACK INFINITY magazine returns yet again! This time the theme is Strange Dimensions. The book contains 13 stories dealing with parallel realities in one form or another. There’s also a reprint of a vintage Steve Ditko comicbook story, editor Tom English’s always delve into the issue’s theme, a Todd Treichel weird science article, as well as my own retro-movie review column, Matt Cowan’s Threat Watch. This time, I cover some really fun eighties and nineties films which invovle other planes of existence. And, of course there’s all the terrific artwork and stills throughout. Presently, it’s only $8.95 on Amazon, which is a great price for such a hefty tome.

You can pick up a copy here: 

Here are a few glimpses inside:

P.S. – We’d all be supremely grateful if you could leave us a review to help get the word out about Black Infinity Magazine.

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