The most recent issue of Black Infinity is now available for purchase from online retailers such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble. This issue focuses on the subject of derelict vessels abandoned and cast adrift for mysterious reasons. My retro-movie review column Matt Cowan’s Threat Watch returns once again, this time to examine a handful of science-fiction/horror films about derelict ships including Alien, Event Horizon and a few more. Although the included films enjoyed varying degrees of craftsmanship and success, I found them all to be great fun to watch.

Along with my own contribution to this issue, there’s also 15 new and classic short stories (Including one by William Hope Hodgson), a weird science column, a vintage comic reprint, a retrospective of the vintage tv series Lost In Space, lots of awesome artwork and a free exclusive music album download from the superb Italian musician Mac of BIOnighT. At under $10.00 an issue you’d be hard pressed to find a better deal anywhere.

Below are a few quick glimpses of what you’ll find inside of Black Infinity: Derelicts. 




Barnes and Noble:

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