For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a special love for the ghostly, holiday classic A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Every Christmas season I still make a point to watch some version of it, and there have been a lot of them. Whether it be the 1951 film Scrooge starring Alastair Sim, the 1984 made-for-tv movie A Christmas Carol with George C. Scott taking on the Scrooge role, or even my personal favorite despite it being a musical, the Albert Finney led feature from 1970, Scrooge. I even had a book record of it I used to listen to over and over again when I was a kid. Despite all this love for the story, I’d never actually consumed the original source material, until now. Hypnogoria, one of my absolute favorite podcasts, has jut released a complete audio reading of the novel for free. The podcast’s host Jim Moon does an outstanding job voicing this tale, making it a perfect treat for the holiday season. I loved hearing it as Dickens wrote it. His descriptions of the unique aspect of each specter Scrooge encounters is very imaginative. Follow the link below to partake in this festive masterpiece. 


You can also listen to Jim Moon telling a brand new Christmas story of his own which just dropped. Listen to “You’d Better Watch Out” here: 

Below is the cover and one of the interior images from the book record I used to listen to as a kid.


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