Every now and then I like to share links to some of my favorite episodes of the podcasts to which I regularly listen. Here are a couple which dropped this past week which I felt were outstanding.

Pseudopod #719: “Cordona’s Skull by Mary Elizabeth Counselman (1950): This classic story is about a down-on-his-luck stage magician who attends a free psychic reading and is impressed by the medium’s techniques – especially the real human skull he uses which somehow moves even when out of his hands. He decides to get close to the aged medium, named Cordona, in order to steal his money and his thriving business. Unfortunately, this turns out to be a bad idea.:

From the Great Library of Dreams #018 “A Troublesome History” by Jim Moon (2019): Horror host Jim Moon preforms a reading of his own excellent short story “A Troublesome History”. It’s about a local historian who researches the dark history of an old ruined manor house he used to see and be fascinated by in the distance as a child. This research brings to light many disturbing deaths and strange happenings during its many years of existence. This is a superbly chilling, haunted house tale.:

Article by Matt Cowan

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