The new issue of Black Infinity (#7) is available for purchase! This one is focused on Renegade Robots, which means a hefty dose of fantastic short stories, artwork, articles, and even a vintage comic reprint – all about incredible automations.

Here’s a sneak peek at the marvels held within this issue.

Tom English writes about notable incarnations of robots in literature, film and pop culture history in his Please Stand By column.
Excellent artwork and short stories fill the pages of this issue.
A vintage cover art gallery gives a glimpse into science fiction artwork from the past.
A retrospective of Robby the Robot ‘s foray into Hollywood.
My Threat Watch column returns yet, this time looking at a batch of older films dealing with robots, droids and similarly mechanized beings.
Here’s a sneak peak at this issues iteration of Matt Cowan’s Threat Watch.
This robot-centric, vintage comic reprint is a wonder to behold!


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