Nymph’s Lair by Raven and Lain Bower

If you’re a fan of Raven Bower’s Bailey Kane horror novels (if you aren’t, I have to assume it’s only because you haven’t read them yet), you’ll be excited to find she and her husband Lain have co-written some fantasy pieces for Hydra Publications. I already reviewed WEEPING DARK: BLEEDING EDGE, which received my highest possible recommendation. This time we’ll look at a shorter piece, set in the same world, called NYMPH’S LAIR. It follows the barbarian warrior Roch and his dwarven friend Tigs through a realm of magic and swordplay.

Roch has been searching for master pirate Victor Karn to exact revenge upon but finding him has proven difficult. To this end, he seeks the counsel of a beautiful witch. She advises him to steal the treasure of a bloodthirsty Nymph and use it to buy his way onto an ally of Karn’s ship. Unknown to the adventuring pair, a mysterious assassin follows close behind killing anyone who helps them.

This is a quick read that packs a lot of excitement, character development and world building in a short amount of space. The end of the book isn’t the conclusion of their quest, leaving it open for future tales. Any fan of sword and sorcery should check out this fine novella.


Reviewed by Matt Cowan

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