Bob Freeman’s Top Ten Occult Detectives

Horror Delve is proud to be a part of horror author and occult detective expert, Bob Freeman’s blog tour. Check out his novel, SHADOWS OVER SOMERSET.

A bit about Bob from his website :
Bob Freeman is an author, artist, and paranormal adventurer whose previous novels include Shadows Over Somerset, Keepers of the Dead, and Descendant. A lifelong student of mythology, folklore, magic, and religion, Freeman has written numerous short stories, articles, and reviews for various online and print publications and is a respected lecturer on the occult and paranormal phenomena. He lives in rural Indiana with his wife Kim and son Connor.

I asked Bob to list his favorite occult detectives. What follows are his top ten and a little about each of his choices.

My Top Ten Favorite Literary Occult Detectives
by Bob Freeman
10. Steve Harrison (Robert E. Howard)
With hammer-like fists, police detective Steve Harrison had more than a few run-ins with murderous cults and otherworldly dangers.

9. Dr. John Taverner (Dion Fortune)
Based on the “true occurrences” of the author and her spiritual adviser, Dr. Moriarty, the tales of Dr. Taverner and his assistant Dr. Rhodes are filled with vampires, hellhounds, haunted spirits, and more. Well worth a look if you’ve not already done so.

8. Harry Dresden (Jim Butcher)
A somewhat hard-boiled private investigator who hangs his shingle in Chicago. Of course, that shingle reads — Harry Dresden, Wizard. He’s also a consultant with the Chicago PD.

7. Levi Stoltzfus (Brian Keene)
An ex-Amish magus and occult detective who travels the highways with his dog Crowley in a magical Amish buggy, drawn by a horse named Dee, and armed with a magical grimoire called The Long Lost Friend? There’s a reason why I call Brian TheNew Voice of the Mountains.

6. Odd Thomas (Dean Koontz)
Odd is, well, odd, to say the least. He’s a short-order cook who sees dead people. The difference is, he does something about it.

5. Harry D’Amour (Clive Barker)
With a body covered in tattoos to ward off evil, D’Amour is a hard-boiled private eye who comes into constant conflict with the forces of darkness.

4. John Silence (Algernon Blackwood)
“Rich by accident and a doctor by choice, John Silence took only those cases which interested him.” Luckily for us, his interests were of a supernatural nature.

3. Simon Iff (Aleister Crowley)
Based on an idealized version of the author, Iff possessed a keen insight into human psychology, and was a brilliant magician, mystic, and detective.

2. John Thunstone (Manly Wade Wellman)
A scholar and playboy who battles the forces of evil armed with a silver cane-sword inscribed with the words “Sic pereant omnes inimici tui”, Thunstone is a classic man-of-action, and his primary antagonist, the Crowley-inspired sorcerer Rowley Thorne, is the quintessential pulp villain.

1. Sir Adam Sinclair (Katherine Kurtz & Deborah Turner Harris)
Master Huntsman, scholar, nobleman, physician, and detective, Sinclair prowls the  ‘Dark Roads where the black magicians travel’ in order to protect the world from their devilishness.

Here is some artwork from Bob’s book SHADOWS OVER SOMERSET:




3 thoughts on “Bob Freeman’s Top Ten Occult Detectives

    1. I would. I’d also include William Hope Hodgson’s Carnaki as my #1. I also love Manly Wade Wellman’s Silver John the Balladeer and would rank him really high.

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