Matt Cowan’s Top Sixteen Supernatural-Themed TV Series

13 thoughts on “Matt Cowan’s Top Sixteen Supernatural-Themed TV Series

  1. I really can’t argue with The X-Files, but I’m too old school to not put Twilight Zone #1. I’m also tempted to say Sleepy Hollow should be higher, but it has only been one season so I’ll wait and see. I very badly want to agree with you about Lost as #2, but I’m just put off by dangling plot threads and unsatisfactory resolutions. It could have been such an amazing show. I liked 666 Park Avenue, but I might drop it in favor of an old school classic, In Search Of with Leonard Nimoy.

    1. Sleepy Hollow and The Strain could easily be ranked much higher if they keep up how good they’ve been so far. I did keep them down a bit due to how new they were. I almost left Twilight Zone off the list because I feel it’s much closer to a science fiction show than horror (I always prefer horror), but in the end I just felt it had to be there.

      1. You’re right about Twilight Zone being more sci-fi, but then I think of The Howling Man, where monks have Satan locked up in a monastery, and the show has a fairly good horror quotient too. What about One Step Beyond? Most episodes seemed pretty supernatural to me.

      2. I have a boxed set of those and Thriller, but for some reason they haven’t resonated with me the way I thought they would. I should probably give them a shot again. I also The Ray Bradbury tv show collection and it had some great episodes as well.

  2. I’ve only seen a few Thriller but I like what I’ve seen. I don’t recall it very well, but what about Amazing Stories, the show by Spielberg?

    1. I know I watched it some, but my memories of it was that they tended more toward the goofy, humorous side. It’s been a really long time since I’ve watched though.

      1. Riget was the Lars Von Trier Danish TV series that became Kingdom Hospital in the states.

        Riget is far more harrowing, but Kingdom hospital is good fun, has a nice leftfield vibe and is very funny too.

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