Horror Delve Asks: What Was Your Favorite Costume, Roger Cowin?

I first met Roger Cowin earlier this year at a local book signing for several of us who have had stories published by James Ward Kirk Fiction. During that brief time, Roger’s sense of humor made him easily approachable, and it soon felt like we’d been friends for years. Although I must admit I was envious at how well he did reading a selection of his horror-themed poetry before the crowd (something I’m still not comfortable doing). Roger’s poetry and short stories are inventive and fun to read. If you haven’t sampled his work yet, you should give him a try. I’m sure you’ll be impressed. So, now it’s his turn to answer the question:

“What was your favorite Halloween Costume, Roger Cowin?”

I ordered a professional make up kit from the back of Famous Monsters of Filmland. My brother used it to transform me into this hideous hybrid Frankenstein / Zombie thing with scabs and peeling flesh all over my face and hands. Think combination Curse of Frankenstein / I Was a Teenage Frankenstein. It was pretty disturbing for a small town in Indiana during the 70’s. I think everyone was a little freaked out. Also loved my dime store Spider-Man costume. The kind that came in those little cardboard boxes and were probably dangerous to wear.

Roger Cowin’s bio:

Roger Cowin was born in 1964 in a cornfield in the Mid-west and has been aging at the alarming rate of 1 year every 52 weeks. Mr. Cowin is renowned throughout the galaxy and his poems have been translated into over 17,000 galactic languages. His poems are so well loved on Zinthar he is worshipped as a god. He can currently be found lurking around Richmond, IN where he is not worshipped but is admired by the locals who lovingly refer to him as “that moron.” He is the author of 2 collections of poetry, “Passing Through Darkness & Other Poems” and “Succulent Flesh” available from JWK Fiction. Go to http://rogercowindadacafe.blogspot.com/ to learn more about Roger and his work.

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