What Was Your Favorite Halloween Costume, Murphy Edwards?

I met Murphy Edwards when we shared space in a few anthologies from James Ward Kirk Fiction. Through our interactions online, I became very impressed with him as a person. Not only is he a talented writer who excels in creating interesting, lifelike characters, but he’s also great at encouraging his fellow writers. He and James Ward Kirk have coedited multiple iterations of the INDIANA CRIME REVIEW anthologies. My desire to work with Murphy led me to try my hand at a crime story. It’s always a struggle for me to move away from the horror genre, but I did manage to produce “System Override” which was accepted into INDIANA CRIME REVIEW 2013. If you haven’t read him before, give Murphy’s work a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Now, let’s get Murphy’s answer to: What was your favorite Halloween costume?

My favorite costume was a hand made classic Wizard of Oz ‘Tin Man’ rig, complete with galvanized funnel hat, furnace duct arms and legs and an old railroader’s oil can loaned to me by my grandpa. It helped that I was born on Halloween, as well.

About Murphy Edwards:

Murphy Edwards is the award winning author of Kingfish, Snapped, Dead Lake, Serious Money, Bumper Music, Heavy Weather, Noodlers, Ace of Spades and The Last Days of Maxwell Sweet. His supernatural crime novella, Stone Cold is featured in Four Ghosts. Edwards’ dark and deadly fiction has appeared in Morpheus Tales, Trail of Indiscretion, Hardboiled Magazine, Barbaric Yawp, Samsara: The Magazine of Suffering, Nocturnal Lyric, Night Chills, Big Pulp, Criminal Class Review and in the anthologies Terror Train, Dead Bait, Dead Bait II, Dead Bait III, Assassin’s Canon, Abaculus II & III, Morpheus Tales: The Horror Fields, Night Terrors, Splatterpunk Saints 2013, Unspeakable: A New Breed of Terror, Bloody Carnival, Indiana Horror 2011, Indiana Horror 2012, Indiana Horror 2014, Grave Robbers, Serial Killers Iterum, Hell and Indiana Science Fiction 2012. Edwards is the 2011 recipient of The Midwest Writers Workshop Writers Retreat Fellowship Award for Fiction and his short story, “Mister Checkers”, was chosen to be among the best in science fiction, fantasy and horror of 2009 for the Leucrota Press Anthology, Abaculus III. He is the Co-Editor of Indiana Crime 2012 and Indiana Crime Review 2013 & 2014. In addition to the United States, Edwards has been published in Ireland, Australia, South Africa, and the U.K. He likes his music loud, his knives sharp and his turtle fried. Visit him on the web:



Edwards loves to hear from his readers. Drop him a line at: murphyedwards@etczone.com

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