Horror Delve Asks: What Was Your Favorite Halloween Costume, David T. Wilbanks?

David T. Wilbanks is one of my absolute favorite people to follow online. His posts about horror and fantasy in literature, on TV and in movies are insightful, witty and always a fun read. I first became aware of him when he used to cohost the great Pod of Horror podcast with Mark Justice. The two worked brilliantly together, which may be why they’ve had such success with the Dead Earth series of books they’ve collaborated to create. David’s great sword and sorcery novella HELLFIGHTER was previously featured here: https://horrordelve.com/2013/11/05/hellfighter-by-david-t-wilbanks-review/, as was the great anthology he coedited LIVING AFTER MIDNIGHT: HARD AND HEAVY STORIES here: https://horrordelve.com/2014/04/12/living-after-midnight-hard-and-heavy-stories-review/. He also coedited, DAMNED NATION, an anthology of post-apocalyptic stories which I highly recommend, I could go on, but suffice it to say, David Wilbanks is a very cool and talented guy.

So, on with the question:

What Was Your Favorite Halloween Costume, David T. Wilbanks?

I don’t remember having a favorite costume, really. I was mainly in it for the candy. Some costumes I do remember wearing back in my youth were a hobo, a vampire and a hippie. I wonder why I was never a zombie? That would have been great fun!

David’s Bio:

David T. Wilbanks is a writer, editor and publisher. His short stories have appeared in Horror Drive-In, Postscripts and other publications. He and Mark Justice write the DEAD EARTH series, the latest and third book being SANCTUARY (2013). With Craig Clarke, he edited and published LIVING AFTER MIDNIGHT, a dark fiction anthology from their own Acid Grave Press. His non-fiction has appeared in Hellnotes and The Book of Lists: Horror.

Follow David T. Wilbanks:

Website: www.davidtwilbanks.com

Facebook (Just added): https://www.facebook.com/pages/David-T-Wilbanks/1483389385258221

Twitter: @sloughmagus

2 thoughts on “Horror Delve Asks: What Was Your Favorite Halloween Costume, David T. Wilbanks?

  1. I was a hobo once too. I started off as The Wolf Man, but the burnt cork “fur” just looked like a dirty face, and since my clothes were already torn, the werewolf became a hobo.

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