HELLFIGHTER is a high-fantasy  novella filled with action, monstrous creatures and humor. The story centers around Caddoc, a mace-yielding adventurer who loves drinking, fighting and carousing. Falling for a barkeeper’s beautiful daughter, he takes an unconventional approach to woo her, but she rejects him. Caddoc isn’t one to give up easily however, so he asks what he can do to win her affections. She tells him she would give herself to him if he can bring her a green gem held by a dangerous soul-stealing wizard. He agrees and embarks on the quest. Along the way he gains allies. A stealthy young street urchin, a dispossessed demon and a noble priest all lend their aid to Caddoc along the way. Each plays an important role and have real motivations for risking their lives to assist the brash stranger.

As the adventure continues, Caddoc and his crew find themselves dragged through demonic dimensions and the heart of the evil Drakuli empire. During their time in the demonic realm, the demons are described in all their hideous glory. A warning to those offended by descriptions of sex and bloody violence, this is a take-no-prisoners tale from which nothing is shied away.
I enjoyed HELLFIGHTER. It’s an exciting, quick read that’s difficult to put down.







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