At GenCon last year I picked up a book called DUNGEON CRAWLERS 1ST LEVEL by Edward J. Russell. Written in the classic Choose Your Own Adventure-style, you are given choices throughout as to what you want to do. Dubbing his version a Pick Your Path book, I found it a fun homage to the classics, reminiscent of the Dungeon and Dragon’s Endless Quest books.

In this one, you’re a new graduate from adventuring school, looking for a job. Rather than specialize in a single profession, you chose to multi-class, taking skill with the sword as well as the ability to cast a few limited spells. You take a job to find a lost girl pitting you against brigands, traps and kobolds along the way. Making a wrong decision can lead to failure or even death, but all are fun regardless.

The artwork throughout isn’t the same quality of the books it emulates, but I enjoyed their inclusion none-the-less. If you’re looking to relive the fun of the adventure game books of old, this one is well worth a buy. He’s since written a sequel, DUNGEON CRAWLERS 2ND LEVEL, which I’ve purchased but haven’t read yet.

Article by Matt Cowan

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Dungeon-Crawlers-Mr-Edward-Russell/dp/1490977031/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1439765356&sr=8-2&keywords=Edward+J.+Russell+dungeon+crawlers+level+1


  1. It’s funny. The word “kobold” brings me back to my D+D days like no other word can. Anyway, I took a peek online and saw that his Level 2 just came out last month (as you know) but it was a few years between volumes.

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