I recently picked up the trade paperback, DOCTOR STRANGE: THE OATH, which collects all five issues of the highly regarded mini-series, plus a fun little teaser story.

Written by Matthew Vaughan with art by Marcos Martin, it begins with Doctor Strange reeling after being shot in the chest by a mercenary calling himself Brigand. Upon learning his trusted manservant Wong had been diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer, Strange used his powers to track down and obtain the only possible cure, a magic elixir. Unfortunately, Brigand showed up, got the drop on Strange, and stole the elixir before it could be used. This leads a wounded Doctor Strange and a terminally ill Wong on a race against time to reattain it. The Night Nurse joins them on the quest, lending her medical skills to keep them patched together enough to keep going. The man who hired Brigand turns out to be someone from deep in Doctor Strange’s past – someone he never would have suspected.

With great character interactions, intriguing mysteries and thrilling adventure, DOCTOR STRANGE: THE OATH has a pulpy feel to it that keeps the tension ratcheted up all the way through to the end.

Article by Matt Cowan



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