My wife and I had a great time attending GENCON 2016 this year. We spent four fun-filled days trying out new board games, perusing the massive exhibit hall and watching people show off the costumes they made. I also read a brief snippet from a recent super hero short story I wrote before a group of professional writers and editors who gave me some good advice on how to strengthen its beginning. While my wife picked up several new board games, I snatched a few things that may be of interest here.


THE NEW GOTHIC (anthology 2013) Edited by Beth K. Lewis – Reading the back cover blurb spurred my initial interest, but the fact it contained a Ramsey Campbell short story I didn’t already possess (“Reading The Signs”) ultimately opened my wallet.


THE ARK by Patrick S. Tomlinson (novel 2015) – I’ve met Patrick several times while attending various panels at the GENCON Writer’s Symposium (a true highlight of the Con) and found him a genuinely good guy. When I spotted him at a booth in the Hall, I checked out this novel. I’m not a huge science fiction fan, but this one sounded like something I could really sink my teeth into.



I won’t list all the odds and ends I came back with, but I did get a kick out of these horror Meeples in a bin filled with lots of different ones from a wide variety of sources in booth. I chose a vampire and death knight for myself, while grabbing a princess and a snowman for my wife.


Anyway, GENCON was great as always, and we’re already looking forward to next year.

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