I recently set out in search of something to read by Willie Meikle. I quickly settled on THE HOUSE ON THE MOOR published by DARK REGIONS PRESS (2015). Why? Because it’s a haunted house story, which is my favorite type of fiction. Here are my thoughts.

The story begins with John Fraser taking his wife Carole with him to visit his grandfather’s best friend David Blacklaw at his secluded house on the moors of Scotland. John is a writer who’s researching the strange events surrounding his grandfather Hugh’s mysterious death years ago. Only the elderly Blacklaw can provide those answers. In their youth the two friends were adventurous celebrities who’d do most anything to keep their fame on the rise, but that all ended with Hugh’s passing.

Blacklaw is a cordial, generous host who, over several days spent at his house, tells John of the bizarre events of those final days. While there, John and Carole begin to experience supernatural occurrences around the house. There are the whisperings of things unseen within its ancient walls, the strange faded symbols drawn on the cellar floor, a mysterious hunched figure glimpsed by Carole lurking ever closer to the house, and something that skitters amongst the high ceilings of Blacklaw’s incredible library. The closer John gets to the answers he seeks the more danger he puts himself and his wife in from the dark forces surrounding them.

This is a well-paced, supernatural horror story which is hard to put down as, just like John Fraser, you want to find the answers to the intriguing mysteries saturating Blacklaw house. The characters, Carole and David Blacklaw in particular, are interesting, and the revealed answers to the secrets of the house are satisfying. I very much enjoyed THE HOUSE ON THE MOOR and would highly recommend it to any fan of the horror genre.



Article by Matt Cowan

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