Reading the odds of how some horror and science fiction novels have of being made into feature films or television series got me to thinking of some I’d like to see make the leap from page to screen.

1. NIGHT THIGS by Michael Talbot – Movie – This novel about a mansion in the Adirondack Mountains haunted by something worse than a ghost began my love of the genre and would make a excellent film.

2. HUNGRY MOON by Ramsey Campbell – Television Mini-Series – Iconic horror writer Ramsey Campbell’s mastery at conveying physiological dread through his writing is unparalleled but could prove difficult to recreate onscreen. That being said, transporting viewers to the town of Moonwell for six mind blowing hour long episodes would be awesome.

3. MYSTERY WALK by Robert McCammon – Television Series – This story of a boy who talks to the dead has many potential plot lines to support multiple seasons of episodes.

4. APARTMENT 16 by Adam Nevill – Movie – With the right director, Nevill’s tale of an American woman’s harrowing encounters in her late aunt’s British apartment should make for a terrifying, surreal feature film.

Article by Matt Cowan

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