Julius Long was a lawyer born in Ohio in 1907 who penned a handful of horror and detective tales before his death in 1955. Some of his stories were published in Weird Tales Magazine during the 1930’s. His most popular offering seems to have been “The Pale Man” (1934) which has been regularly reprinted in various anthologies.


1. “He Walked By Day” (1934) – A crew of road workers in a small Ohio town are approached by a pale, exceptionally tall, young man who asks for a job so he can take care of his sick mother. After proving to possess unbelievable strength despite his frail frame, they agree to take him on. Later he explains that he’s actually a ghost who can’t rest while his mother still needs him.


2. “The Late Mourner” (1934) – After John Sloan wakes up to realize he’s running late for his friend’s funeral, he rushes to attend, but struggles to remember anything about the man.


3. “The Pale Man” (1934) – An ill traveler gets an uneasy feeling about the only other resident occupying the same decrepit hallway of his hotel. This pale stranger flashes a malignant smile at him but never speaks as he systematically moves one room closer, starting at room #212 and advancing toward the narrators room #201.

Article by Matt Cowan

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