Haunted house stories are my favorite, so I read them as often as I’m able. With this in mind, I was wondering which ones you would consider to be the scariest of all time. For the purposes of this poll, I’d like to stick to short stories (no novels). The Shining by Stephen King or Nazareth Hill by Ramsey Campbell would not be eligible due to their length. I’m going to start off with a list of ones I can think of but will happily add ones suggested if they are left in the comments below. You can also vote for more than one story if you like. For now, I’ve only listed one story per author but if there’s one suggested by an author already listed here, I’ll add it as well.


    1. Thanks for the suggestion, Mark. It’s been added. I’ve read and enjoyed some A.M. Burrage tales but haven’t come across this one before, so I’ll definitely be on the lookout for it.

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