On a recent trip to New York, I got the chance to visit the famous Strand Bookstore. Located in East Villiage near Union Square, this iconic place has three stories of new, used and rare books of all varieties, which seems to validate their boast of stocking 18 miles of books. It’s been in existence in some form since 1927 and has been referenced several times over the years in both film and literature. Even better is the fact that it shares the same stretch of sidewalk with the Forbidden Planet Comic Book Store, and Halloween Adventure (a costume and decor shop). What follows are the things I picked up during my trips there.


  1. THE NEW LOVECRAFT CIRCLE ANTHOLOGY edited by Robert M. Price (1996): Once I saw it contained some Ramsey Campbell, Brian Lumley and Karl Edward Wagner stories I didn’t already have among its table of contents, it became too inticing for me to resist.   
  2. THE PARASITE by Ramsey Campbell (1980): I think I had a copy of this once but had apparently lost it at some point, so I was happy to see it on the shelf awaiting my arrival.
  3. SEPULCHRE by James Herbert (1987): I loved HAUNTED, THE GHOSTS OF SLEATH and THE MAGIC COTTAGE by Herbert, so I’m hoping this one is just as good.
  4. THE SAVAGE CAVES by T. H. Lain (2002): I occasionally like to read a good fantasy adventure story, and this was only $1.00 so I figured it was worth the risk.
  5. HE’LL COME KNOCKING AT YOUR DOOR (2017): This Halloween-themed story by Robert McCammon with accompanying illustrations was an easy choice to make. It will likely end up being reviewed here in the near future. 


That’s all, aside from a magnet I bought to adorn the side of a filing cabinet in my office (some people collect coffee mugs or commemorative spoons, for me it’s magnets).

Article by Matt Cowan


  1. Nice haul. BTW I’m both a coffee mug and a magnet guy. One of my favorite magnets is one I bought at Stonehenge. Ironically, with all my visits to the Strand I’ve never bought a mug or magnet, just books.

      1. I spent pretty much an entire day walking around Lucerne, Switzerland looking for a mug our neighbor’s asked us to bring back to them from a Starbucks. I finally found it in a moment of triumph. They ended up moving a few months later and gave it back to us.

      2. Lol. My Mom used to collect bobbleheads from baseball teams. When my brother and I went to England in 2000 we spent a lot of time looking for a bobblehead from any team but quickly learned that bobbleheads are an American phenomenon and people thought we were nuts when we tried to explain them.

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