With Halloween just around the corner, I feel it’s time to start setting the atmosphere with some free audio readings of chilling, supernatural tales presented by a few of my favorite podcasts.

“The Phantom Coach” by Amelia B. Edwards via Tale To Terrify – Discover what happens when a soldier hitches a ride on an old stagecoach during a bad winter storm and what it is that shares the moldy compartment with him. 

“The Companion” by Ramsey Campbell via Nightmare Magazine – What terrifying thing does a man encounter when he visits an old, run down carnival? 

“My Boy Builds Coffins” by Gary McMahon via Pseudopod – A mother and father try to figure out why their young son keeps crafting elaborate miniature coffins? 

“Ghost Hunt” by H.R. Wakefield via Hypnogoria – Listen to what goes horribly wrong when a radio show decides to do a live broadcasts ghost hunt in a murderous, haunted house? 


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