My short story “The Carollers” appears in the new holiday-themed anthology Christmas Under the Covers edited by Marc Damien Lawler. It’s my tenth story overall to see publication and the fourth of them to be set during the Christmas season.

I’m particularly excited to get to share a table of contents with the great Jim Moon of the Hypnogoria podcast in this one.

My story “The Carollers” involves a man who takes possession of a furnished cottage on the outskirts of the enigmatic Talbot Forest and discovers a forgotten book of disturbing Christmas carols in its attic. In the days that follow, he begins to sense a shadowy presence stalking him amidst the surrounding trees. An odd, earthy woman named Selene appears at his door one night warning him that trouble is headed his way, but is she an ally or a threat? As Christmas Day approaches, so too does a group of ominous entities who lurk just on the outskirts of his vision singing dreadful dirges of horrible things to come.

Here’s a blurb about the anthology from its editor Marc Damien Lawler:

Just in time for Christmas Eve… CHRISTMAS UNDER THE COVERS

The perils of falling in love with an injured ghost…

A cut-throat fairy…

Cometh Christmas, cometh the Mothman…

A ghost that keeps his place spick and span…

Black spots that put a black spot on Christmas…

Never seen before Xmas horror films…

A vampire concealed within an old painting…

Demonic carol singers…

Can a ghost eat ice-cream?

A long dead soldier helps a bullied boy grow a pair…

Jimmy Osmond talks to Father Merrin…

A gloriously gory Christmas mind-movie…

Christmas Eve and the creepy changes to come…

Seasonal sacrifice in small town America.

Authors: Marc Damian Lawler Alli Weir Brad C. Hodson Jim Moon Dave Langdale Matt Cowan David Little Trevor Kennedy Russell Holbrook Alan Sessler Plus: Hume Nisbet and R. Chetwynd-Hayes

Amazon UK:

Amazon USA:

Article by Matt Cowan


  1. He!lo,
    Just found your website..very enjoyable thus far. I checked out the anthology your story you speak of is part of over on Amazon; however I don’t see a Kindle option. Wondering if perhaps one will be available in the future? Your story as well as the entire anthology sound very intriguing.

    1. Hello Kan, thanks for checking out the site! I’m glad you’re enjoying it so far. It’s something I really enjoy doing. I’ll have to check with editor to see if he has plans to put out a Kindle version in the future or not. I’ll post it here when I know more. Thanks for your interest! 🙂

    2. At the moment, it sounds like there are no immediate plans to release Christmas Under the Covers in the Kindle formate, but I’ll definitely post about it here if that changes. I very much appreciate your interest, Kan.

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