The new issue of Black Infinity Magazine, edited by the great Tom English (whose insightful Please Stand By columns are not-to-be-missed, by the way), is now available for purchase. The theme this time around is Rocketships and Spacesuits. This issue is filled-to-bursting with classic short fiction by the likes of Ray Bradbury, Robert Silverberg and Poul Anderson, as well as newer stories by Gregory Norris, Vinny Winslow Crist, Kurt Newton and more. There are two comics included this time. One is an original The Last Star Warden comic by Jason J. McCuiston and the other is a vintage reprint by Alex Toth. There are also some special features looking at Destination Moon by Justin Humphreysand Space 1999 by Gregory Norris. A huge amount of extraordinary artwork by the great Allen Koszowski is spread throughout the issue, alongside lots of stills from film and television.

I return as well with my retro-movie review column, Matt Cowan’s Threat Watch, where I examine four films with dates which range from 1958 to 2000, all of which involve rocketships and/or spacesuits as key story components in someway.

I’ve only scratched the surface of everything stuffed inside this issue. Here are a few glimpses of what the interior looks like:

Cover Art By Earle K. Bergey
“Six Frightened Men” story by Robert Silverberg with Allen Koszowski art
Matt Cowan’s Threat Watch
Revisiting Space: 1999 Feature by Gregory L. Norris
The Last Star Warden comic with story and art by Jason J. McCuiston

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